Kroschel Films

Steve Kroschel has been an independent filmmaker for the past 34 years and a naturalist for most of his life. He owns and operates a wildlife park near Haines, Alaska for mainly orphaned wildlife indigenous to Canada and Alaska . Steve cares for moose, wolves, grizzly bears , wolverines and many other creatures ;  and opens his wildlife park to visitors from around the world that come by car, plane or cruise ship.

His message to audiences that come for his educational programs invariably touches upon the interconnectedness of all life on planet earth. The interdependence. The fragility of it all.

Steve has been featured  in dozens of  television programs, from reality shows such as National Geographic channel's , "Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet" , to PBS specials  such as "Chasing the Phantom" for the NATURE series, to numerous foreign natural history programs for mainly the BBC science specials . He also contributes to Hollywood feature films specializing in hard to get scenes in mainly mountainous regions of especially avalanches and other cold climate snow and weather phenomena. One of the current movies that features his work is the theatrical film , "Everest" starring Josh Brolin, Jake Gallenhal , and Keira Knightley.

Besides these interests, Steve has dedicated himself to humanitarian feature documentaries that tie in the theme of nature with optimum human health and how to heal oneself implementing true natural healing approaches that oftentimes conflict with conventional medicine's approach.

Steve has produced and directed three films about the Gerson Therapy, a healing and anti-cancer regimen based upon the work of Dr. Max Gerson, which focuses on juicing  organic vegetables. as well as holistic detoxification. These three films, "The Gerson Miracle" , "Dying to have Known" , and "The Beautiful Truth" have been seen by millions of people around the world, and continue to dramatically improve the health and well-being of inestimable numbers of people , and saving the lives of legions more. The Gerson Institute in San Diego, CA. tracks these numbers to this day.

Since 2012, Steve has put the spotlight on an adjunctive , or complementary practice, which also alleviates pain and suffering and improves people's health in a surprisingly simple way known as "Grounding" or getting "Earthed". The result has been two feature length films about it . The first is called "The Grounded" , and the second,  is titled "Heal for Free" that are currently being distributed worldwide by Passion River Entertainment, House of Film , and GIAIM Television among many others.

He has also just completed an easily accessible and internet friendly short film ( 18 minutes in length) about the subject of "Grounding" entitled "Prescription is Earth" . This film is , as of this very moment, being prepared to be offered to the public FREE of charge via various internet avenues worldwide including Youtube. The film not only brings to light in a short and entertaining way what "Grounding " IS, but also how people can DO it , no matter where you live. From the streets of New York City or London , to the remotest areas on earth, from the Arctic to Antarctica.

"Prescription is Earth" also features one M.D. , Laura Hearing Koniver, who uses grounding as a primary tool in her practice to ameliorate pain and also to improve overall organ function and more than anything, banish inflammation. Laura has written the world's first and only children's book about this technology called "From the Ground Up" which helps parents affect their children's physical and mental challenges using grounding as the primary tool. Laura is also a columnist for magazines such as Mary Janes Farm, and the subject of grounding is oftentimes alluded to even there.

Laura and Steve now work together routinely to disseminate this astoundingly simple way to affect human physiology via regular internet entry videos, blogs, and public presentations, along with offering resources to ground oneself.