Steve, Thanks for the great tour today! We really enjoyed the information you and your partners shared! Here is the pic you wanted us to send! Aspen (pictured) loved her time there! Thanks again! Jackie and Katherine
Nothing can bring sunshine on a cloudy day like a child ..... September 20th, 2015.
A new trend occurring at the park: "Moose Selfies"
The Goodly Mr. Rocky Seward walking "Phillipe", the Silver Fox. Not sure who's training who here.....
Anna, aged 9, enjoyed feeding the caribout when she visited the park in July 2015. Thanks to Kristen Schriver for the photo. She is also shown below feeding the moose.
A family from Lynchburg , VA. visited last week.  Kari and Pete's daughter, Olivia, had a connection with the wildlife here (especially the carrot -loving moose Karen) that I  will not soon forget... Her mother says that although she is only 5 , she is going on 30. Olivia deeply cares about the environment and science and wants to "help creatures".  Next on her list is to learn the latin names of animals and look into why "Grounding" and walking barefoot makes people healthier.
The State sent us this orphaned moose calf yesterday ..... she has a lower leg challenge thus the temporary splint and pictured here with the ever vigilant Rocky Seward, who is one of her round the clock "nurses". Veterinarian Vic Walker's wife Sue, accompanied the moose calf on Alaska Airlines yesterday from Anchorage, and have to tip my hat to her for that benevolent gesture.. so, it's a moose named "Sue" from here on.
Fibonacci in nature everywhere.